Benjamin Mautner Princeton – How To Keep Things Interesting When You’re Keeping This Simple

Keeping things simple is rarely as simple as it seems. What counts as minimalism is as subjective as anything else in art. But as a recent article in Digital Photography School suggests, most can agree that spareness is key. Knowing what to leave out of frame is often just as important as what is in frame, but can be a great deal more difficult to learn.Benjamin Mautner Princeton

Because of that fact, DPS put together a few tips for those interested in pursuing the ‘less is more’ approach to their photography.

Focus on Composition

A minimalist approach requires a great deal of creative thought. Making strong decisions about

what would be best left out of frame takes practice. Photographers would do well to learn how to limit distractions by properly placing their subject in camera and not simply editing during post processing. Shooting with a wide aperture will help to isolate your subject from its background.

Texture and Color

Contrasting colors and textures can make for powerful minimalist photographs. Textures should be apparent to the viewer to the point where they can nearly feel it. Photographers should not be afraid to experiment with texture, colors and angles.

Lines and Patterns

Geometric shapes and leading lines can make strong backdrops. Modern architecture provides great examples of line and shape use. The young photographer would do well to study these as way to learn about the power of line.


One misconception about minimalism is that it is austere and only for aesthetes. But a good photographer can identify the human element present in any subject. All of the compositional elements will come into play to define and develop the story.

To read the original article, head over to Digital Photography School.

(Photo credit: © Copyright Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence)