Make-A-Wish Foundation grants your Photographer’s Wish


Kleianne Eubra’s first passion was never photography. Growing up she had a flare for the arts as a singer/songwriter. She was diagnosed at the young age of 18 with myoepithelioma carcinoma, a rare lymphatic disorder. She turned to photography when fatigue would only allow her to pursue that passion.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Logo

Make-A-Wish Foundation Logo

She had to undergo aggressive chemotherapy treatments and surgeries to remove tumors in her lung and skull. The Holy Trinity Catholic high school had to postpone her 12th grade studies for these treatments.

Once her conditions had improved, Eubra was connected to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Northern Alberta. They granted her wish of new camera equipment and training in macro photography. As part of the wish, 38 of her pictures were stretched onto canvas and displayed at the Front Gallery on Jasper Avenue and 123 Street located in downtown Edmonton.

Kleianne’s father was truly moved by the display saying, “You can see the satisfaction in her eyes. Going through the stuff that she was going through before and seeing her today with all this accomplishment, it’s really overwhelming.”

Katie Willis, the communications coordinator with the Make-A-Wish Foundation said that “It is a very unique wish for us, every wish that a child chooses..are all very unique to the child.” Eubra’s wish proved emotional and moving for her, her family as well as Clare McDonald, the outpatient nurse coordinator of the Children’s hospital that treated Eubra throughout the year long battle with the cancer. McDonald said, “She totally inspires me, she’s so brave.”