Benjamin Mautner – Royal Air Force Recreates D-Day Photos

Last week, Digital Photography Review covered the amazing recreated photos released by the Royal Air Force to commemorate 70 years after the D-Day landings in Normandy. The historic event, which occurred on June 6, 1944,  may bring to mind some imagery and widely published photos, but the Royal Air Force choose to recreate some unexpected scenes. As Digital Photography Review explains, “As naval Benjamin Mautnerforces made landfall, a II (AC) Squadron Mustang took to the sky above, bringing back some of the first images of the landings.” With the goal of mimicking the mission, two Tornado GR4s were sent up but with more sophisticated imaging equipment. The result turns a widely published aerial photograph of the beaches into a detailed view including high definition resolution allowing the viewer to see the finest details, including a tractor with an empty boat trailer.

(Image Source: Royal Air Force)

What’s more, as the Tornado jets flew on their mission, the Royal Air Force made sure to capture video. According to their YouTube, “They are taking images of the beaches with the Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado – or RAPTOR for short, which takes aerial images and can read the time on the face of Big Ben in London from the Isle of Wight. Full motion video is captures by the Litening III Advanced Targeting Pod.”  Of course, the results are incredible putting our capabilities with technology in perspective.

Other images available include the Squadron that flew in the 1944 reconnaissance mission carrying cameras attached to the bottom of the aircraft. Back then, it required 30 sorties to create a wide panoramic image. With the help of today’s camera, only one jet is needed to snap a panoramic.  For a look at the detailed recreations made to commemorate the historic event, head on over to Digital Photography Review and view the slideshow.